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How Much Does A Locksmith Cost In NYC?

Welcome to Emergency NYC Locksmith, your reliable partner for all locksmith needs in New York City. Whether you’re locked out of your home, need new locks installed for your business, or require a car key replacement, we’re here to help.

Understanding the cost of locksmith services can help you make informed decisions. Below, we provide a detailed guide on locksmith prices in NYC, covering residential, commercial, and automotive services.

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Average Locksmith Costs in NYC

On average, locksmith services in NYC cost around $300 per incident.
However, prices can vary based on factors such as the type of service, time of day, and the distance the locksmith needs to travel. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Day service call75$ - 95$
Night service call95$ - 175$
Residential Locksmith Services$145 - $500
Commercial Locksmith Services$150 - $800
Automotive Locksmith Services$135 - $350

Factors Influencing Locksmith Costs

Several factors can influence the cost of locksmith services. These include:

  • Type of Service:  Different services have varying costs. For example, rekeying a lock is generally cheaper than replacing it.
  • Time of Day:        Services required during off-hours (nights, weekends) typically cost more.
  • Travel Distance:  Locksmiths may charge a trip fee, especially if they need to travel a long distance to reach you.

Residential Locksmith Services

Residential locksmith services cover everything from lockouts to lock replacements. Here’s a detailed price guide:

ServiceAverage Cost
House Lockout$195
Lock Rekeying$95 - $150
Lock Replacement$145 - $500 per lock
Lock Installation$135 - $350 per lock
Security Upgrades$200 - $2,000

Key Services:

  • Lockouts: If you’re locked out of your home, a locksmith can unlock your door within minutes for an average cost of $275.
  • Rekeying: Changing the internal components of your existing locks so that they work with a new key. This is usually less expensive than replacing the entire lock.
  • Lock Replacement: Sometimes necessary for security reasons, replacing locks can cost between $145 and $300 depending on the type of lock.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmith services are tailored for businesses and commercial properties. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

ServiceAverage Cost
Lock Rekeying$135
High-Security Deadbolt Change$450
Panic Bar Installation$450 - $1350
Buzzer System Installation$900
Door Closer Installation$375

Key Services:

  • Lock Rekeying: Essential for maintaining security, especially after an employee turnover.
  • Panic Bars: Required for safety and compliance, especially in high-traffic commercial buildings.
  • Buzzer Systems: Enhance security by controlling access to your premises.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Getting locked out of your car or losing your car keys can be a major inconvenience. Here’s a breakdown of automotive locksmith costs:

ServiceAverage Cost
Car Lockout$145 - $275
Transponder Key Replacement$150 - $400
Ignition Repair$150+
Key Duplication$95 - $450 per key

Key Services:

  • Car Lockouts:   Costs range from $135 to $275, with higher rates for after-hours services.
  • Transponder Keys:   Modern cars often use transponder keys which can be expensive to replace due to the programming involved.

Why Choose Emergency NYC Locksmith?

At Emergency NYC Locksmith, we pride ourselves on providing transparent, flat-rate pricing. We believe in treating our customers with honesty and respect, ensuring there are no hidden fees. Here’s a sample of our flat-rate pricing for your reference.

ServiceFlat Rate
Emergency Car Opening$135+
Emergency House Opening$195+
Lock Rekey$135+
Deadbolt Lock Change$185+
High-Security Deadbolt Change$350+
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Tips for Saving on Locksmith Costs

  • Plan Ahead:   Try to schedule non-emergency services during regular business hours to avoid higher after-hours rates.
  • Compare Quotes:   Get multiple quotes to compare prices and services offered by different locksmiths.
  • DIY for Simple Tasks:   For basic tasks like changing simple locks, consider doing it yourself if you feel comfortable with the process.
  • Maintain Your Locks:   Regular maintenance can prevent issues that require costly repairs.
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